Make It Last – Ep 137 – Inflation & Estate Planning Is About Relationships…Not Money

Listen Here! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts The show starts with a little, "Get To Know Victor," segment. Find out how he is connected to the hit trilogy: Pitch Perfect. Then, Victor & Mark discuss inflation and what it means for your retirement savings. Things cost a certain price now but could very well[...]

Make It Last – Ep 136 – U.S. Gets A Failing Grade in Financial Literacy

Listen Here! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts Most Americans are getting a failing grade in financial literacy especially revolving around retirement. Victor and Mark share the top topics people are struggling with so you can understand! Victor is offering his book: Empowering Women in Retirement for FREE to any woman (Sorry men) Just call[...]

Five Fact Friday – July 16, 2021 Five Fact Friday here to keep you cool with what has been voted the BEST ice cream shop in New Jersey. We also want to announce our SUMMER SEMINARS! All about Leveraging Tax Saving Techniques and Trusts to Protect Your Retirement Savings. If you're a client and would like to attend, all we ask[...]

Make It Last – Ep 135 – Bermuda, Bahama! Planning For Retirement Like We Do A Vacation

Listen Here! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts Mark & Victor start off the show talking a bit about Victor's two companies: Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth Advisors. Find out what experience you would get if you called them at 856-506-8300. It is vacation season and so much goes into planning our trips. In[...]

Make It Last – Ep 134 – Wealth Looks Different & Sandwich Generation

Listen Here! The pandemic has changed Americans' perspective on wealth. In a recent survey, the amount of money people think they need to be comfortable has dropped. What does this mean for your retirement savings? Then, Baby Boomers are often the talk of this show. But what should GenerationX be doing to prepare for retirement?[...]

Five Fact Friday – July 2, 2021 Happy Independence Day! Have some fun links around the holiday and a special grilling secret from yours truly ;) What I'm Reading: What I'm Watching: New In Tech: New In Legal: New In Retirement: Transcript Below (more…)[...]

Make It Last – Ep 133 – Building Your Financial House

Listen Here! In this episode, Victor & Mark discuss building the financial house that will get you through retirement and how to make sure your retirement plan can withstand the test of time.  Then, the pair will discuss how to avoid the potholes of inadequate retirement planning. Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts Make It[...]

Make It Last – Ep 132 – Life In Retirement

Listen To The Episode Here! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts Victor & Mark discuss the different retirement accounts common today, and just how much you need to retire. Then, as much as we think about money, retirement is so much more. The pair talk about the fun, recreational side of retirement and the "slow-go," years.[...]

Five Fact Friday – June 18, 2021 We have a link to a cocktail recipe for any dad's out there. As well as some exciting Olympic news, & an update on virtual notarizations. This week's links: Reading: Watching: Tech: Legal: Retirement: Transcript Below (more…)[...]

Make It Last – Ep 131 – Retirement For Baby Boomers & Gen X

Listen To The Episode Here! Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts Make It Last is back with a brand new episode this week! They say 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day, and their retirement looks a lot different than their parents' did. One thing baby boomers can agree on is they want to make[...]