Five Fact Friday – June 4, 2021 This week's links: Reading: Watching: Tech: Legal: Retirement: Transcript Below (more…)[...]

Make It Last – Ep. 130 – Getting Clear About Your Retirement Goals and How to Reach Them

Mark and Victor start the show with the question, "Are your retirement goals as detailed as your summer vacation plans?" and emphasize the importance of preparing for life after work. Making the most of Social Security benefits is an important part of your retirement plan. Could you pass a basic quiz on current rules and[...]

Make It Last – Ep 129 – High Tax Rates & Inflation in Retirement

Before we had IRAs & 401(k)s, taxes were lower in retirement. Well that's certainly not the case anymore. This week Victor & Mark tackle taxes in retirement as well has how inflation impacts your retirement. The show ends with some more mailbag questions from listeners like you! Listen Here! Go to for a FREE[...]

Five Fact Friday – May 21, 2021 Should Bitcoin be part of your retirement portfolio? Are books a thing of the past? The answer to these questions & more in this week's Five Fact Friday! What I'm Reading: What I'm Watching: What's New in Tech: What's New in Legal: What's New in Retirement: Transcript Below (more…)[...]

Make It Last – Ep 128 – Planning for Retirement As World Gets More Expensive

Remember the days when gas was under $1.00 a gallon? The world continues to get more expensive, this we know. But how do we plan our retirement for future prices we are unaware of? Mark & Victor work through this question and then move into the "potholes" of retirement. How can we navigate around these[...]

Make It Last – Ep 127 -Building a ‘Financial’ Home

This week Victor & Mark discuss building a financial home to get you through retirement. Victor knows a lot about building/restoring homes as he worked to restore his own home built in 1878! Also in this week's episode is a walkthrough of "5 Things Your Kids Don't Want," & the practice of decluttering. Listen here![...]

Five Fact Friday – May 7, 2021 In this video I give you the SECRET TO LIFE! I'm serious. You have to watch to find out. This week's links: Reading:​ Watching:​ Tech:​ Legal:​ Retirement: Transcript Below​ (more…)[...]

Make It Last – Ep 126 – Marginal Gains & 5 Ways To Stay Active In Retirement

LISTEN HERE Victor & Mark begin the show talking about how are current political environment could impact your retirement. U.S. debt, low interest rates, household goods prices rising, & a change in taxes are just a couple things that could affect your finances and retirement plan. The marginal gains theory, you might have heard of[...]

Make It Last – Ep 125 – Get To Know Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth Advisors

This week, Victor gets personal as he shares about his companies: Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth Advisors. Learn all about the office, the team members, and the process itself that gets you ready for retirement. Vicotr is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA®), as well as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ so his companies work[...]

Five Fact Friday – April 23, 2021 This Week's Links: Reading:​ Watching:​ Tech:​ Legal:​ Retirement: Full Transcript Below! Hey, everybody, welcome back to Five Fact Friday. I'm Victor Medina. This is hosted on the Medina Retirement Planning Channel, where we help you know it so you don't blow it. And we've got a series of five[...]