08/09/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Everybody, it's Victor Medina with the Medina Law Group and we're back with another Five Fact Friday and guess what? I'm back at the Orlando Airport. And this time I'm actually here for a combination of work and pleasure. So I told you last time that one of the things that I do is I[...]

Make It Last – Ep 113 – 5 Key Decisions You Have To Consider in Retirement & Retiring on a Shoestring

How do you retire when you have no money? Learn some tips for retirement on a shoestring budget! Then, Victor discusses The 5 Key Decisions You Have to Consider In Retirement. For a FREE RETIREMENT CHECKLIST, text the word CHECKLIST to 609-554-5936. Make sure you're on the right track for retirement! Listen to the episode[...]

07/26/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Hey everybody, it's Victor Medina from the Medina Law Group. And we're back with another Five Fact Friday. I'm actually coming to you from Orlando, Florida, and more specifically, the Orlando Airport. I don't know, maybe you can see the TSA agents that are out there doing their fine jobs. So what am I doing[...]

Make It Last – Ep 112 – 3 Worlds of Money, Planning for Incapacity, & Fixed-Indexed Annuities

In this episode of Make It Last, Victor dives into both the legal and the retirement world. First, Victor discusses planning for incapacity and managing different financial accounts in that time. Then, Victor goes through the 3 different worlds of money: Banking, Insurance, and Wall Street. How are these worlds defined? How should they be[...]

Make It Last – Ep 111 – Signs You Are Not Ready For Retirement

How do you know if you are ready to retire? In today's episode, Victor goes through some signs to help you identify if you are ready for retirement or, if you should wait. Text the word INCOME to 609-554-5936 for a free report on the income bridge to make sure you have enough income to[...]

07/12/2019 – MLG Five Fact Friday

Hey Everybody it's Victor Medina with another Five Fact Friday and we're back. You know we took a break for a little while, largely because we had some change over in our marketing department and as you might expect, what it takes to put on this firm and help all of our clients and even[...]

Make It Last – Ep 110 – Gift Card Scammers, Age’s Impact on Financial Literacy, & Nursing Home Expenses

On average, after age 60, financial literacy decreases by 1.5% per year. In today's episode, Victor discusses how to handle this idea moving forward in financial planning. Victor also talks through scammers using gift cards to finance fraud as well as the rise of nursing home expenses. Text QUESTIONS TO 609-554-5936 for a free report[...]

Make It Last – Ep 109 – 5 Psychological Stages of Retirement, Electronic Wills, & Mindfulness

In today’s episode, Victor breaks down electronic wills and reiterates the importance of mindfulness. Victor also lays out the 5 Psychological Stages of Retirement as inspired by a study done by AgeWave, Ameriprise Financial, & Harris Interactive to learn more about the attitudes and worries of people before and after retirement. For a FREE checklist[...]

Make It Last – Ep 108 – 5 Retirement Planning Sins & Fiduciary Advisors vs Financial Advisors

In today’s episode, Victor tackles the question, “Are my financial advisors working in my best interest?” In addition, Victor discusses 5 Retirement Planning Sins and ways to avoid and overcome them. For additional information on retirement planning issues and things you should look to avoid, text RETIREMENT to 609-554-5936. Make It Last with Victor Medina[...]

Baby Boomers postponing retirement

The trend of Baby Boomers postponing retirement could be a costly mistake. Click here to read more.[...]