Even Being Wealthy And Famous, Avicii Died Without A Will

Given his wealth and how charitably-inclined Avicii was, it is surprising that he died without a will. Click here to read more.[...]

2019 Tech Trends And The 50+

94% of older adults say technology helps them keep in touch with friends and family. Click here to read more.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 88 Will 2019 Be a Bull or Bear Market?

Now is the time where predictions are being made on television and radio on whether or not we will see a “bull market” or a “bear market” in 2019. What exactly does that mean, especially for those in retirement? Tune in this week as Victor explains, in depth, bull and bear markets and how to[...]

Top Estate Planning Mistakes Divorcing Women Make

It's never too soon to tackle this often-overlooked task and learn how to protect yourself (and your children) while avoiding these estate planning mistakes that divorcing women tend to make. Click here to read more.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 87 – 4 Potential Benefits of Rolling Over a 401(k) to an IRA

The 401(k) plan has become the leader in today’s retirement savings vehicles. Most employers have a 401(k) or company plan that they set up for employees, with a potential for a company match. In today’s episode Victor will let you know how you can set up your retirement plan to not only get you into[...]

What To Do When Your Parents Need Assisted Living

It can be difficult to realize that Dad or Mom needs more care in a setting like assisted living. Just as our parents kept us safe and secure when we needed it — there comes a time when we’re called upon to return this same love to our parents. Click here to read more.[...]

What Are The Signs Of Elder Abuse?

Can you spot the signs of elder abuse? Click here to read more.[...]

Estate Planning Checklist: Everything You Need To Know

Learn the 12 steps you need to take to make an estate plan. Click here to read more.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 86 – Sound Advice

Victor Medina is excited to announce that Make It Last will now be released as hour long segments and air Wednesday mornings at 11am on WCTC 1450AM radio. The hour segment is part of a featured series on WCTC Radio – Sound Advice. The featured series is where professional experts offer their knowledge on topics from financial[...]

Make It Last – Ep 85 – Dr. Life’s 12 Keys to Healthy Living, Exciting Updates, & Lessons Learned from Celebrity Deaths

While out at a conference last week Victor had the opportunity to see some inspiring speakers, one of them being Dr. Jeffrey Life. You may have seen Dr. Life on the cover of magazines or on television, he is an 80 year old man who decided to turn his life around in his late 50s[...]

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