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One Upside of Aging: No More Cancer Screenings!

Did you know that many elderly Americans might not need cancer screenings? As it turns out, that’s something many of them don’t know either. The Orlando Sentinel is calling seniors’ attention to that fact, offering it as a sort of silver lining for those who are concerned about the mounting health challenges of old age.[...]

Dementia Diagnosis Could Cost $730K in Nursing Care

While the families are happy to hear a longer prognosis, those extra years with their loved ones come at a profound financial cost, climbing toward a million dollars in some cases. This month, USA Today explains how a dementia diagnosis can easily add up to $730,000 for a typical family. Consider the following: The national[...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care isn’t anyone’s favorite subject. It is an easy can to kick down the road, but those who do end up kicking themselves in the long run. View image | In recognition of that fact, the Chicago Tribune recently sounded the alarm with a list of five things that everyone needs to know[...]

Achieving “Extreme Old Age” Is Easy, Say British Scientists

A new report out of Great Britain’s Newcastle University makes a fairly attention-grabbing claim. Thanks to modern medical science, they say, it is now easy to reach extreme old age, which they define as age 100 and beyond. View image | You only need two things: The right lifestyle The right parents The first[...]

Social Contentment May Combat Mental Decline in the Elderly

Inside Out is making waves in theaters worldwide, giving us all a touching new understanding of the roles our emotions play in our lives. Now, a new study concludes that those emotions may be directly linked to dementia and mental decline in the elderly. View image | As reports, the new study followed[...]

Women Face Unique Financial Challenges In Old Age

People talk a lot about the gender gap these days. Disparities in earnings between men and women have driven substantial political chatter and partisan debates in recent years, and the topic only seems to gain traction as we head into a new political season. View image | One context in which people rarely discuss[...]

Nearly 1/3 of New Jersey Nursing Homes Have A Low Rating

Finding a stellar nursing home for your loved ones is incredibly important, but it’s also extremely difficult. Great nursing homes are simply hard to come by, and that’s particularly true here in New Jersey. View image | According to U.S. News & World Report, nearly a third (32%) of New Jersey’s nursing homes have[...]

When Young and Old Live Together, They Make Beautiful Music

Think back to college, when many of us lived in a dormitory full of our peers on the brink of life’s horizon. People say the “best years of your life” are in high school and college — days spent being social with fellow youngsters, living the high life under the same roof. But as we[...]

Sweet Tooth Linked to Alzheimer’s, Dementia

A growing body of scientific evidence is illuminating ways in which we might all be able to prevent Alzheimer’s — even if we’re predisposed toward dementia. Until now, most of those efforts have focused on physical activity and mental strengthening. Now there’s a whole new frontier in the battle against Alzheimer’s, but this particular vice might[...]

May is National Elder Law Month

As The Byrds once sang, “To every thing, there is a season.” Even to elder law! For the last few years, the month of May has officially served as National Elder Law Month, a chance for elder law attorneys all around the country to raise awareness about what we do, why it matters, and how[...]