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Seniors Should Have Secure Passwords

July 2, 2012 Victor Medina Elder Law, Mac, Tech 0 Comments

Recently the Wall Street Journal published this article on passwords, seniors and how easy they are to crack (passwords, not seniors). It reminded me of a funny movie clip (watch it but come back here): As you get more comfortable with living your life on the Internet, you begin to take advantage of things […]

For Better, For Worse – What About "Forget"?

May 8, 2012 Victor Medina Elder Law 0 Comments

The New York Times recently published a heart-wrenching article entitled: A Rare Form of Dementia Tests a Vow of ‘for Better, for Worse’ It discusses a rare form of dementia called “frontotemporal dementia”, which eats away at personality and language. The article goes over some of the science behind the disease, but what was staggering to […]

Creating a Medicaid Planning Advantage

April 5, 2012 Victor Medina Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Uncategorized 0 Comments

It’s no secret that resources for government-sponsored programs are dwindling. When it’s a program like Medicaid, where each state is responsible for a portion of their costs, then the budget crunches are even more pronounced. This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses how the landscape for qualifying for Medicaid is changing, and getting harder. In […]