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Financial Elder Abuse Is Growing

I am encountering more and more situations in which elders are the victims of financial fraud and abuse. Sometimes the attack comes from the outside (like hackers) and just as often the attack comes from family members and trusted friends. It’s a disgusting act, filled with cowardice on the part of the perpetrators. I came[...]

Three Maneuvers to Help You Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid is a means-tested government benefit program. For those who qualify, Medicaid will provide payment for long-term care services. A recent article discusses three estate planning maneuvers that may assist a person in qualifying for Medicaid. Gifting Assets Although gifting assets is the most obvious way to reduce the value of a person’s estate, this[...]

Isolation And Loneliness Are Enormous Health Risks for Seniors

An important facet of elder law is determining how your potential long-term care needs will be addressed. While many people consider long-term financial needs, few consider long-term emotional needs. As a University of California study reports, feelings of isolation and loneliness in senior citizens may cause a deterioration of their physical health. In extreme cases,[...]

Moving Elders to Safe Place is Key to Preventing Abuse

As a recent article points out, elder law is a “serious and growing problem we know too little about and, worse, too often ignore.” The article explores how various communities are attempting to deal with situations of elder abuse, whether they be physical, financial, or emotional. A caregiver’s first instinct may be to call the[...]

Waiting a Day Too Late To Talk To Your Kids

The New York Times is chock-full of good material this weekend. Here is an article showing what happens when parents don’t discuss their financial affairs with their kids. Much of the article focuses on problems after death (although there is one section that follows a child dealing with their parent’s Alzheimer’s condition. The point is[...]

Growing Number of Baby Boomers Opt-Out of Marriage

The traditional portrait of older Americans is changing. According to a recent article in The New York Times, the divorce rate among baby boomers has exploded to over 50 percent. This new trend will have a resounding impact on the lives of many older Americans. The baby boomers are very different from the generations that[...]

End of Life Decisions – A Medical Contract or Legal Document

Is a living will a medical contract or a legal contract? On this blog I've often raised the problems with having a non-lawyer do legal work - are there the same problems if lawyers are doing quasi-medical work? Assuming that input from medical professionals is warranted, is consultation with a doctor required or will a[...]

After 6 Months in a Nursing Home, Residents Are Effectively Broke.

How's that for a headline? A recent study, highlighted by Forbes in this article, has concluded that if you plan to spend 30 days or less in a nursing home, you will have a median net worth of $108,000 at the end. However, if you are unfortunate enough to require 6 months of nursing home[...]

Seniors Should Have Secure Passwords

Recently the Wall Street Journal published this article on passwords, seniors and how easy they are to crack (passwords, not seniors). It reminded me of a funny movie clip (watch it but come back here): As you get more comfortable with living your life on the Internet, you begin to take advantage of things[...]

NYT: Testing a Drug That May Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts

Alzheimer's has become such a growing concern for the population that the federal government has created a national plan to address it. Through the National Institutes of Health, the government is investing $50 million in research this year, and $100 million in 2013. Some of the $50 million in 2012 is going towards a promising[...]