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For Better, For Worse – What About “Forget”?

The New York Times recently published a heart-wrenching article entitled: A Rare Form of Dementia Tests a Vow of ‘for Better, for Worse’ It discusses a rare form of dementia called "frontotemporal dementia", which eats away at personality and language. The article goes over some of the science behind the disease, but what was staggering to[...]

Creating a Medicaid Planning Advantage

It's no secret that resources for government-sponsored programs are dwindling. When it's a program like Medicaid, where each state is responsible for a portion of their costs, then the budget crunches are even more pronounced. This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses how the landscape for qualifying for Medicaid is changing, and getting harder. In[...]

In New Jersey, Insurance Companies Pulling Out of Long-Term Care Business

My wife laughs politely as I refer to our local paper, The Trenton Times, as "the local fish wrapper" - even though I've made that joke hundreds of times. Occasionally, I find an article of interest and I can't help but link to it. Padding back into the house after bringing in the Sunday paper,[...]

Managing the Cost of “Aging In Place”

According to this article, there will be 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day for the next 18 years. That population surge has created a whole new business sector for seniors wanting to "age in place" — which is a fancy way of saying they want to stay home and out of a nursing home. In[...]

The Point of Medicaid Planning

Human behavior is often a curious thing. People tend to delay or fail to do something, even when there's every incentive and benefit to do it. Estate planning and elder law planning is like that. Focusing, for the moment, just on elder law or Medicaid planning, the earlier someone plans the more options they have[...]

Gifts Large & Small for Family Members Suffering from Dementia & Alzheimer’s

I was reading my youngest son a story before bedtime. Lately, he's been into the Berenstain Bears and tonight we read The Berenstain Bears and The Joy of Giving. This one is a Christmas story that tries to teach that there is more joy in giving than receiving. Just the right lesson for a 5[...]

The VA Benefits Medicaid Ticking Time Bomb

The VA Aid and Attendance program – where veterans and their surviving spouses can receive a special pension to cover medical expenses – has certain financial eligibility requirements, which include an income and asset test. In short, qualifying applicants cannot own more than a certain level of assets (based in part on their life expectancy).[...]