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Balloon Boy Fallout – Should Heenes Lose Custody of Children if Guilty of Hoax?

October 22, 2009 Victor Medina Family, Guardianship, YourLawyers4Life 0 Comments

Amber Watson-Tardiff, who posts a regular column on about Parenting Advice for New Jersey parents asked me to comment for an article she was writing about the fallout from Balloon Boy, including anticipating court intervention with the parents. You can read the whole article here – and I’ve pasted most of the column below […]

Guardianship of Children With Special Needs

January 26, 2007 Victor Medina Disability, Guardianship, Powers of Attorney, Special Needs Planning 0 Comments

Two good posts coming from Leanna Hamill in Massachusetts and Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle in California on planning for children with special needs.  Among the excellent suggestions are the following: Special Needs Trust – allowing parents, grandparents and guardians to provide funds for a special needs child without disrupting eligibility for government aid. Exploring the […]