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The One Concept You Need To Know When Saving For Retirement

If there's only one concept you need to know when saving for retirement, it's this: compound interest. With compounding, you make money on your money. You make interest on your interest. Click here to read more.[...]

Most Effective Ways To Save For Retirement

Saving for retirement can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Click here to read more.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 66 – Navigating Retirement Alone & Interview with Steven Senko From Princeton Medical Institute

In this episode Victor shares some important information regarding a growing number of people who are navigating retirement and aging alone. As well as an interview with Steven Senko of Princeton Medical Institute, to raise awareness on their clinical trials. Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medina, an estate planning[...]

Thinking About Becoming a Snowbird? Do Your Research First

A new study from Maryland shows that the majority of people who achieve age 61 are free to choose where they want to live. This is not that surprising for many retirees, who want to consider moving at least on a part time basis to a more ideal locale. In fact, up to one third[...]

Tips for Women to Save for Long-Term Care

Women live longer than men and for this reason face much greater challenges with regards to funding their healthcare needs after retirement. According to a study recently completed by HealthView Services, a 65 year old male who retires in 2017 will spend approximately $200,000 in retirement on healthcare alone. However the cost for a female[...]

What You Should Know About the Life Cycle of Your Retirement Planning

As with your general life cycle, there are various stages to your financial and retirement planning that occur based on the decade of your current age. As your life trajectory changes, so too will the goals you will have as well as the focus you should have. During your 20s for example, you will likely[...]

Retirement and Estate Planning Must Work Together

There is a stage in your retirement planning phase when the focus will shift from accumulating funds to maintaining and preserving those nest egg funds. The importance of protecting and preserving assets cannot overstated and although meaningful growth should always remain a component of your overall retirement plan, you need to protect your purchasing power[...]

New Results from the Aging in America Study Discuss Estate and Retirement Planning

Felician University in New Jersey recently revealed the results of their Aging in America study conducted with college age students. They found that college students anticipated living in their own home independently and being relatively active beyond the age of 85 but more than 70% of these survey respondents had not begun planning for their[...]

New Study Identifies Stress Levels and Retirement Tied to Job Prior

Whether or not your stress rises or decreases after retirement depends on the job you had prior to leaving the workforce, according to a new British study published recently. Those individuals who have low status ad low level jobs are more likely to experience more stress around the retirement process than co-workers in a higher-level[...]

Don’t Wing Your Estate or Retirement Planning

It can be a major mistake to wing your retirement planning and hope that things will work out for the best. Saving money for your retirement is certainly important but you also need to think about several careful issues as you [caption id="attachment_5298" align="alignright" width="518"] retirement plan label on folder[/caption] approach the process of estate[...]