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Paying for Alzheimer’s: Medicare, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care

Few diagnoses are more devastating than Alzheimer’s, both in terms of its health toll and its extraordinary financial imposition on families. Paying for long-term care isn’t easy, especially if you or your parents haven’t already been saving for years. Even well in advance, finding the extra money to set aside for a long-term care fund[...]

How Outer-Space Research May Lead to Better Care for Old Age

Space may be the “final frontier,” but we’re still far away from reaping its whole harvest. Indeed, the distant discoveries of outer space continue to pay major dividends here at home. Take senior healthcare, for example. The Washington Post recently reported on scientist Millie Hughes-Fulford, who is currently conducting remote experiments aboard the International Space[...]

Do People Really Die of “Old Age”?

We’ve all heard about people who die of “old age.” In fact, for many, that is our wish — to live long and healthy lives and, when our time eventually comes, to pass away gracefully in the swan song of old age. View image | But a new (and very funny) article from Medical[...]

The Many Demands Facing Family Caregivers

Even for professional caregivers, helping the elderly take care of themselves isn’t always easy. But more than half of the caregiving in this country is rendered by unpaid family members (at least in part). View image | In fact, more than 22 million people in the U.S. currently provide informal care for an elderly[...]

Old Age Is Something to Look Forward To

Barbra Streisand famously sang about memories of “the way we were.” But what if our best memories are still to come? View image | An interesting debate recently played out on the op/ed page of The New York Times. In response to noted professor Ezekiel Emanuel’s assertion that it’s best to die by one’s[...]

What Does “Elder Law” Mean, Anyway?

Ever wonder what “elder law” really means? I suspect you’re not alone. Elder law is one of those terms that we all hear a lot but which rarely get defined... maybe because there isn’t any single definition that would work. Elder law is so many things. View image | As an elder law attorney,[...]

Snow Means Special Challenges for Seniors, Nursing Homes in NJ

The year’s first snowfall is always an exciting thing, but a little goes a long way. Here in New Jersey, of course, we get more than just a little. For our state’s senior population, substantial snowfall can be a serious concern, and not just because of the cold weather. When blizzards become emergencies, issues[...]

Nursing Home Life: More ‘Mean Girls’ Than “Golden Girls”?

“You can’t sit with us.” The classic line from 2004’s Mean Girls movie perfectly embodied just how cliquey and cruel high school life can be in the modern age. The film’s characters carped at each other over everything from boyfriends and girlfriends to fashion and cafeteria seating choices. But is nursing home life much[...]

Maybe the “New Old Age” Isn’t a Good Thing After All

We hear a lot about the “new old age.” As advances in medical science allow people to live longer than ever — and healthily so — we’ve all had to reorient the way we think about “old.” Many of today’s elderly can work and run and even revel with the best (and youngest) of them…[...]

Financial Issues and Aging Parents

While it may be difficult, it is important to have financial conversations with your elderly parents. These conversations are important because they will best prepare your family to cope when a parent loses the ability to handle his or her money and other affairs. A recent article discusses several issues you should be sure to[...]