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How to Use Partnership Income Tax Rules for The Purposes of Estate Planning

May 8, 2017 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Taxes 0 Comments

There are many different strategies that exist for passing wealth from one generation to another without having to encounter the estate tax. Many of these, however, may still be subjected to the generation skipping tax and other congressional measures. A novel strategy that may help you accomplish the goal of avoiding these consequences while passing […]

Why the Holidays are the Perfect Time to Update an Estate Plan

December 11, 2014 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Family, Family Wealth Planning, Taxes 0 Comments

We all know the holidays are the right time for sleigh riding, bell ringing, and tree trimming… but what about estate planning? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently suggested something I like to remind my clients of as well: the holidays truly are the perfect time to update an estate plan. Why? Two reasons, really: togetherness […]

The gift that keeps on giving: paying your grandchildren’s college tuition

March 6, 2014 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Gifting, Medicaid Planning, Taxes 0 Comments

Paying your grandchildren’s (or adult children’s) college tuition is one of the greatest gifts you can make. The education lasts a lifetime and opens a world of opportunity for your grandchildren. In a way, it is like giving a gift to your children as well, since it alleviates their concerns about paying for their children’s […]

Dying in New Jersey

December 5, 2013 Victor Medina Estate Tax, Inheritance, Taxes 0 Comments

Despite the fact that the federal government has rolled out a generous federal estate tax law, certain states still levy estate taxes on amounts much lower than the federal threshold. As a recent article explains, New Jersey is one of those states. (In the article states with an “estate tax” are one color, and those […]