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The Estate Planning Prescription Pad

I work with a fair number of financial advisors, insurance professionals and CPA/accountants. One of the services I provide for those valued planning partners is to review their client's existing estate plans (where I was not the attorney or scrivener) and give my opinion on the documents they have. The review is my way of[...]

Why A Living Trust is Better Than a Simple Will

People call our office looking for a "simple" will and powers of attorney. For most folks, estate planning is something on a to-do list that gets checked off when completed. Our clients, however, understand that estate planning is an ongoing process that requires maintenance over time to ensure that the client's goals are met. Occasionally,[...]

Living Trust vs. Will – A Silly Debate

Will? Living Trust? - Neither! When people learn that I am an estate planning attorney, I usually get asked this question: "Should I have a will or a living trust?" Then, conversation usually turns to what the prospective client heard could or would happen with one or the other. It's as if I'm a surgeon[...]

Ten Estate Planning Tips to Start 2007 on the Right Foot

The NC Estate Planning Blog, has a good list of 10 things you should do in 2007.  I've tweaked them a bit here, but all of the credit goes to them for the post. Here are 10 things you can do in 2007 to keep your estate planning on the right track. 1)    Last[...]