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Make It Last – Ep 2 – How To Create Wealth in Your 50s and How To Make Sure Your Financial Advisor Lines Your Pockets Instead of His Own

On Episode 2 of Make It Last with Victor Medina, we discuss how to create wealth in your 50s, and the new Department of Labor “fiduciary” rule. Does this rule protect investors as much as the reports suggest? How can you make sure that you’re advisor works in your best interests instead of their own?[...]

Farewell, Mark

[caption id="attachment_5433" align="alignleft" width="308"] Mark Metzger & Mark Merenda (1950-2017) on the streets of San Francisco[/caption] It started as a ruse. I was a young lawyer, with a young practice (read: poor), and I had no money to hire him and his company to help me market my law firm. I did, however, have enough[...]

6 Estate Planning Tips You Should Never Forget

6 Estate Planning Tips You Should Never Forget Despite the fact that there are plenty of news reports about estate planning blunders made by celebrities, there are still many members of the public who make these mistakes and often it is the family members and other beneficiaries dealing with the outcomes after that person passes[...]

What to Consider When Passing on Assets to Your Loved Ones – Part IV

One of the most challenging aspects of passing on property to your loved ones has to do with tax planning. This is because it is sometimes expensive and frequently complicated to figure this out. many assets receive what is known as a step up in basis when the owner of this asset passes away This[...]

What to Consider When Passing on Assets to Your Family Members – Part III

Ease of transferring assets can have a tremendous impact on your heirs. Remember that when you pass away, your heirs will likely be struggling with grief and all the aspects of managing a funeral and following your burial wishes. During this time, processing your personal property and complying with any estate planning administration can be[...]

What to Consider When Passing Assets on to Your Family Members – Part II

As shared in the previous blog post, sentiment is one of the primary reasons and factors that should always be considered when passing on assets to future generations. The second in this four-part series is liquidity. A liquid asset refers to any asset that can be changed to cash quickly with little influence on the[...]

Creating a Medicaid Planning Advantage

It's no secret that resources for government-sponsored programs are dwindling. When it's a program like Medicaid, where each state is responsible for a portion of their costs, then the budget crunches are even more pronounced. This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses how the landscape for qualifying for Medicaid is changing, and getting harder. In[...]

Interesting Article from Forbes Magazine on the Five Crucial Estate Planning Mistakes You Are Making

Here is one of those posts that tells you to go read another website. Nothing fancy on this end, just go read that other article. Interesting article today in Forbes, entitled Five Crucial Estate Planning Mistakes You Are Making. Read it here:   Posted by Victor Medina Medina Law Group, LLC - The New[...]

Where There Is A Will There Is a War!

I can't quite put my finger on why, but folks have an awfully hard time discussing their estate planning, their finances, and their wishes with their family.  Whether it stems from a denial of mortality or simple modesty, most people do not have frank conversations with their loved ones about their Wills or Trusts –[...]

Michael Jackson’s Estate Plan – What He Did Right!

We've become all too used to folks in media twisting a story to suit a certain purpose. When Michael Jackson's will was revealed, the media was reporting that he left everything to his Family Trust and then speculating as to what that meant. Of course, no one doing the reporting is an estate planning attorney,[...]

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