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How To Legally Ensure That Your Assets End Up Where You Want Them To

For those who remarry and want to make sure certain assets get passed on to kids from a previous marriage, experts say it's important to do some estate planning — that is, figuring out how to legally ensure that when you die, your assets end up where you want them to. Click here to read[...]

Estate Planning Is More Important For People Without Children

Powers of attorney, estate plans are even more crucial for this demographic. Click here to read more.  [...]

Make It Last – Ep 94 – Common Retirement Regrets and How to Avoid Them

Retirement is a one time experience, likely you will not have the time or resources for a do-over. The best thing you can do is research, plan well in advanced, and learn from other’s experiences. Listen here as Victor goes over some of the common retirement regrets people have reported on so that you can[...]

Classic Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating An Estate Plan

Every estate plan has unique features, but the same problems and mistakes recur. Each classic mistake is avoidable. Click here to read more.  [...]

How To Protect Your Foreign Assets In Estate Planning

Estate planning is more complicated when you have global assets. Click here to read more.  [...]

Make It Last – Ep 93 – Assisted Suicide Legal Update & Common Retirement Mistakes

Assisted suicide has been a controversial topic for years. Some believe it is every person’s right to choose when they are going to end their life, while others believe it is morally wrong to end someone’s life, no matter the circumstances. Listen this week, as Victor goes over some legal updates that could allow terminally[...]

Retirement Planning For The Unexpected

Some people spend decades focusing on retirement planning, only to get derailed by unexpected events such as a job loss, market downturn, medical scare, death of a spouse who’s been the primary provider, or other untimely circumstances. Click here to read more.[...]

Elder Law Lawyer: Let Older Be Wiser

Victor was recently featured in US 1 News in an article based on his newest book, Make It Last: Protecting Your Family from the Costs of Aging. Read the full article below! Click here[...]

Make It Last – Ep 92 – 5 Ways to Make Your Transition into Retirement Much Smoother

As you approach retirement you likely know that a great deal of changes will be made to your daily routine. Not only will you have to get used to the idea that you are no longer going to work everyday, but you will also have to get used to financial changes to your daily life.[...]

The Long-Term Care Costs That Might Be In Your Future And How To Pay For Them

Here are six ways to pay for the long-term care costs that might be in your future. Click here to read more.[...]