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The Right Legal Instruments To Ensure The Right Care

Getting the appropriate legal instruments in place early can help ensure the right care. Click here to read more.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 91 – How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Retirement Goals

Statistics say most of us will have abandoned our New Year's goals by mid-January. Victor is here with some motivation to keep your retirement goals. Just as you would with fitness goals, it is important to set short-term goals to give you a sense of achievement while working toward your long-term retirement goals. Make It[...]

The Positive Views Of Assisted Living

Positive views of assisted living and continuing care retirement communities continue to grow as aging preferences change suggests new research published in the December issue of The Gerontologist. Click here to read more.[...]

You Should Review Your Financial And Estate Planning Checklist

Everyone needs estate planning because it is more than just passing your assets off to whomever you would like. The bottom line is that if you have any form of asset, and you intend to give that asset to a loved one, you need to have a plan! Click here to read more.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 90 – How to Build Your Own Retirement Foundation

When building a house there needs to be a lot of care and attention put on making sure the foundation will hold up for years to come. The same care and attention should go into your retirement foundation, to make sure you are financially secure for years to come. Make It Last with Victor Medina[...]

How To Protect A Loved On From Abuse Or Sexual Assault In A Nursing Home

It's the stuff of nightmares: Your loved one, who you thought was being well cared for in a long-term care facility or nursing home, was physically abused, raped or even impregnated. And you had no idea it was happening. Click here to read more.[...]

Financial Checklist To Go Through Before Starting A Family

Thinking of starting a family? Make sure you have a Will and Estate Plan! Click here to read more.  [...]

Make It Last – Ep 89 – How to Put Together a Retirement Portfolio that Matches Your Risk Tolerance

There is no cookie cutter retirement portfolio. Some people are looking to travel in retirement while others are looking to save and leave money behind. Listen here as Victor explains how to put your retirement portfolio together, whatever your risk tolerance might be. Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medina,[...]

Even Being Wealthy And Famous, Avicii Died Without A Will

Given his wealth and how charitably-inclined Avicii was, it is surprising that he died without a will. Click here to read more.  [...]

2019 Tech Trends And The 50+

94% of older adults say technology helps them keep in touch with friends and family. Click here to read more.[...]

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