Medicaid Planning

Sometimes tragedy hits us fast and without warning. In the case of planning to long-term care, it can mean that a loved one has already been admitted to a nursing home or is about to be placed in a nursing home. If they ask around the general public, they have been told, or suspect, that they have too much money or too many assets to qualify for Medicaid. This can be a single individual or one half of a married couple.

If this is you, your family is facing nursing home costs that will be at least $9,000 per month, and likely more. Usually, the only source of money to pay these costs come from the life savings of the individual or married couple. Given the high burn rate of over $108,000 per year, it’s not long before you go broke. It’s only when you’ve met the financial test for Medicaid that the government will step in and cover your nursing home stay.

At the same time, folks receive flat-out incorrect advice about how to qualify for Medicaid, often from well-intentioned family and friends. Following that advice can often have unintended negative consequences. For instance, if you give everything away to your kids, you will actually delay the time before you qualify for Medicaid, not speed it up.

Unless you work in this field, you’re probably not aware of the dozens of ways to legally preserve the maximum amount of assets and income and still qualify for Medicaid benefits in the shortest amount of time, whether you’re an individual or married couple. Even in a crisis.

These are your savings, your hard-earned assets, saved over a lifetime – you owe it to yourself to help protect them and meet with qualified professionals in the field who can help you make it happen.

You don’t have to go broke or lose your home to qualify for Medicaid.

Call us to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your issues.  We’ll be able to tell you in the first meeting if we can help and what we’ll be able to help protect and save for you and your family.