Tips for Maximizing Your Inheritance Value

September 28, 2017 Victor Medina Inheritance 0 Comments

Leaving behind, gifting, or transferring sizeable assets to family members through your estate plan could leave them subject to significant taxes. However, there could be major discounts associated with transferring real estate investments of equal value. For real estate investments in which the investor gives less than 50% of the asset, lack of voting rights […]

Avoid Catastrophes by Having a Will

September 14, 2017 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Wills 0 Comments

Any estate planning meeting is valuable for determining your goals and future steps. However, having an estate planning attorney who is knowledgeable about the particular types of documents that you need can be extremely beneficial. Planning ahead for potential catastrophe is not always easy or fun, but it is extremely important. You can make things […]