Make It Last – Ep 145 – Mapping Out Your Road to Retirement

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last Victor and Mark discuss different factors to consider when mapping out your road to retirement. Potholes in retirement- what are the things you can't see coming/can't avoid and how do you plan around them? Utilizing the right navigation system- how an experienced attorney acts like a personal GPS.[...]

Make It Last – Ep 144 – The Importance of Planning Ahead

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last, Victor explains the difference between an elder law attorney and a general law attorney. Then, Victor talks about all of the documentation you need in order to have a sustainable retirement plan. Find out why it's important that you establish a plan before taxes (potentially) go up[...]

Make It Last – Ep 143 – Maintaining Your Mental Health in Retirement

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last Victor and Mark discuss how the Biden Administration's plans to make tax changes within the estate planning world, and how it could affect you if you fail to make your own plan. Then, Victor talks about the importance of maintaining your mental health in retirement, and finding[...]

Five Fact Friday – September 3, 2021

Watch Here! This week on Five Fact Friday I'll be taking on a unique look at Disneyland and how it is, in essence, its very own piece of art and ingenuity. Speaking of ingenuity, we also talk about the Apple Watch and it's potential for a new and exciting free hand feature! In addition, I[...]

Make It Last – Ep 142 – Social Security: The Best Plan Going Forward

Listen Here This week on Make It Last Victor and Mark give you a little insight into who Victor is and how he got to where he is now. Then, Victor and Mark go on to discuss Social Security and how it is, in essence, the corner stone of your retirement plan. Finally, the guys[...]

Make It Last – Ep 141 – The Go-Go, Slow-Go, & No-Go Years

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last, Mark and Victor discuss financial literacy and how the education system has failed in teaching it. Then, Victor goes on to discuss the challenges behind guiding his clients through their estate planning and the three stages of life -the Go-Go Years, the Slow-Go years, and the No-Go[...]

Five Fact Friday – August 20, 2021

Watch Here! "Tiny Homes" step aside and make way for "Granny Pods!" Watch this week's Five Fact Friday to learn more about how you can allow your grandparents to stay close to home with total peace of mind. In addition, I also share with you the latest caffeine craze everyone's been talking about! Five Fact[...]

Make It Last – Ep 140 – Our Clients Are Family

Listen Here! This week Victor and Mark discuss the client experience at Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth, and what we can provide to you! Then, Victor gives a heartwarming narrative about his employees, who make Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth Advisors feel like family. Finally, Victor gives us more info about how he[...]

Five Fact Friday – August 6, 2021 Watch this week's Five Fact Friday for some great links around the Olympics, Amazon devices & more... What I'm Reading: What I'm Watching: What's New In Tech: What's New In Legal: What's New In Retirement: Full transcript below (more…)[...]

Make It Last – Ep 138 – How Much Money You Need For Retirement

Listen Here! This week Mark and Victor discuss how much money you need for retirement and how to make sure it will last. Go to for the free guide: "Are You Paying Too Much In Taxes In Retirement?" Then, they will dive into what tools you need your retirement tool kit and an exciting[...]

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