Make It Last – Ep 53 – How To Select a Great Executor or Power of Attorney, How To Plan for Care if You’re Single, and The Real Cost of a Non-Best-Interest Financial Advisor

April 28, 2018 Victor Medina Uncategorized 0 Comments

Three topics for this show: How to select a great executor or power of attorney agent. Then Victor talks about how to plan for getting older if you’re single, with or without kids. Finally, Victor discusses the real cost of not working with a “best-interests” financial advisor. Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted […]

Make It Last – Ep 47 – Shattering the Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

March 10, 2018 Victor Medina Uncategorized 0 Comments

This week, Victor addresses some of the risk and expenses of investment platforms like Wealthfront and Fidelity target date funds. Also, two special guests join the show to discuss some of the innovative ways they are helping seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases. Jennifer Garcia and Mary DelValle from Brookdale-Hamilton join us for […]