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Seniors Are Dropping Long-Term Care Insurance When They Need It Most

Money magazine identifies a few reasons why people are hesitant to invest in long-term care insurance: It’s expensive. They may never need it. With many policies, the premiums can rise over time. There’s nothing new in that report. American reluctance to prepare for the financial future has long been the status quo. But the Money[...]

Social Contentment May Combat Mental Decline in the Elderly

Inside Out is making waves in theaters worldwide, giving us all a touching new understanding of the roles our emotions play in our lives. Now, a new study concludes that those emotions may be directly linked to dementia and mental decline in the elderly. View image | As reports, the new study followed[...]

You Might Be Three Times Older Than You Think

“Age is just a number,” they say. And, sure, that’s a useful phrase for dulling the passage of time. But is it true? View image | As a matter of fact, yes it is! There’s even science to prove it! But the catch is that not everyone looks and feels younger than they really[...]

Three Simple Tips for Estate Planning

Overwhelmed by the prospect of estate planning? Don’t make a federal case out of it! (No, really, these are usually state-law matters!) View image | Everyone needs an estate plan but most American’s wait way too long to create one, often delaying until it’s too late. We don’t want that for your family, and[...]

For Beating Dementia, It’s Nature Over Nurture — Or Is It?

We all get old, but only some of us lose our memories along the way. Among the elderly, some have an incredibly strong grip on the past, while others struggle with forgetfulness or even severe memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. View image | Why the discrepancy? What separates those with strong memories from[...]

Dancing and Sudoku: Could Getting Old Really Be That Simple?

With or without dementia, old age is accompanied by a decline in memory and cognitive function. That’s been an unassailable fact since the dawn of time. But it might not be fact anymore. A growing body of research demonstrates that while mental decline may not be entirely preventable, it is increasingly possible to substantially stave[...]

Rutgers Launches a Hotline to Help Dementia Caregivers in New Jersey

Life as a caregiver is tough — especially if you aren’t being paid for it. View image | Studies show that the majority of America’s healthcare providers are gratuitous. That means they are uncompensated volunteers, usually family members, who assume the tremendous burden of elder care on their own. Caring for any senior is[...]

Five Ways to Retire and Maintain Your Standard of Living

“Don’t spend your old age pinching pennies!” That’s The Wall Street Journal’s plea to aging Americans for whom retirement is coming into view on the horizon. But for many people, pinching pennies will be their only option. Why? Two reasons: Lack of planning and lack of savings. Retirement, like old age itself, sneaks up on[...]

How Outer-Space Research May Lead to Better Care for Old Age

Space may be the “final frontier,” but we’re still far away from reaping its whole harvest. Indeed, the distant discoveries of outer space continue to pay major dividends here at home. Take senior healthcare, for example. The Washington Post recently reported on scientist Millie Hughes-Fulford, who is currently conducting remote experiments aboard the International Space[...]

Do People Really Die of “Old Age”?

We’ve all heard about people who die of “old age.” In fact, for many, that is our wish — to live long and healthy lives and, when our time eventually comes, to pass away gracefully in the swan song of old age. View image | But a new (and very funny) article from Medical[...]