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From Antipsychotics to iPods: The Changing Face of Dementia Treatment

January 28, 2016 Victor Medina Dementia, Long Term Care 0 Comments

Long-term care resident surveys show that some 70% of dementia patients living in nursing homes exhibit significant psychological or behavioral problems. For years, those symptoms were treated with difficult antipsychotic drug regiments. Today, in a more enlightened age, antipsychotics have fallen into disfavor as a first-line dementia treatment and are less commonly prescribed (though many […]

Sweet Tooth Linked to Alzheimer’s, Dementia

May 28, 2015 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Dementia, Elder Care, Elder Law 0 Comments

A growing body of scientific evidence is illuminating ways in which we might all be able to prevent Alzheimer’s — even if we’re predisposed toward dementia. Until now, most of those efforts have focused on physical activity and mental strengthening. Now there’s a whole new frontier in the battle against Alzheimer’s, but this particular vice might […]