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Forbes Gets Nerdy with Numbers, Paints a Scary Picture for Long-Term Care

December 17, 2015 Victor Medina Long Term Care, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid Planning 0 Comments

Forbes says you’d have to a policy wonk or an outright nerd to care about statistical models for long-term care insurance. Well, we’re guilty as charged. But that’s okay — Forbes cops to its nerdy inclination too. Earlier this month, the magazine delved into the latest stats on long-term care in America. The numbers are […]

Can You Take Your Long-Term Care Insurance Overseas?

August 20, 2015 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Long Term Care Insurance, Retirement 0 Comments

There’s a stereotype about retirement, and it lives in Florida. Yes, most people assume that when aging Americans retire, they relocate en masse to The Sunshine State. On the contrary, though, many people dream of moving their retirement overseas instead. To that end, recently raised an interesting question: can you take your long-term care […]

Batman Artist Turns to Crowdfunding for Health Care Costs

April 2, 2015 Victor Medina Donations, Finances, Long Term Care, Long Term Care Insurance 0 Comments

Batman’s faced plenty of tough foes in the course of his career, but there’s one nemesis still awaiting Bruce Wayne a few years down the road: long-term care costs. Just ask Norm Breyfogle, a well-known comic book artist most famous for his work with “The Caped Crusader.” The New York Times recently recounted Breyfogle’s struggle […]

With Premiums Rising Dramatically, Should You Keep Your Long-Term Care Insurance?

April 3, 2014 Victor Medina Long Term Care Insurance 0 Comments

Long-term care insurance is not for everyone. When clients ask us whether it is right for them, we consider their overall plan and unique situation. Sometimes we recommend long-term care insurance, sometimes we don’t, depending on the client’s needs and goals. But what if you’ve already bought long-term care insurance, and you’ve seen your premiums […]