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Why It’s Important to Understand that a Power of Attorney Agent Should Act in Your Best Interest

[caption id="attachment_5401" align="alignright" width="463"] Statuette of Themis - the goddess of justice on lawyer's desk. Lawyer is stamping the document. Law office concept.[/caption] Selecting someone to serve as your power of attorney agent is an important consideration and one that should only be made after a consultation with your estate planning attorney and a conversation[...]

Having a Baby? Have an Estate Plan First.

The beginning of life might seem like an odd time to start thinking about the end of life, but it’s precisely the right time. View image | TIME Money magazine recently listed estate planning as one of the eight essential steps that new and expectant parents must take when a baby is on the[...]

The Most Dangerous Estate Planning Traps

The oversights — those are what’ll “get ya.” We recently came across an opinion piece written by a wealth management professional in Florida, recounting some of the more frequent mistakes she’s seen her clients make in their estate plans. Sure enough, they look pretty familiar. View image | Time and again, people who decide to “go[...]

Must-Do Estate Planning Tasks for the Boomer Generation

For New Jersey’s baby boomer residents who still do not have estate plans, planning needs to be on the top of their to-do list for the new year. A recent article discusses several important estate planning tasks that should be done as part of any estate plan. Create a Will and Trust: While this may[...]

Carry Your Estate Plan With You

New Jersey citizens should take care to prepare for the possibility of an accident or other emergency. As a recent article explains, one way to do this is to carry your important documents with you on a USB drive. So what kind of documents should you store on a USB drive? While the answer to[...]

Aging Without Children

Nearly a quarter of the baby boomer generation is childless. As this large segment of the population continues to age, concern is rising over who will care for the boomers who never became parents. As an article in the New York Times explains, however, studies show that childless adults are not receiving any less care[...]

Estate Planning Matters Before Death

When considering estate planning, many people understandably zero in on what should happen after death. However, an equally important part of estate planning considers what should happen towards the end of a person’s life. This is important, as one in eight Americans will deal with Alzheimer’s disease in their lifetime. Even more will deal with[...]

Ways to Prepare for Disability

By the year 2050, experts estimate that 277 million older Americans will be dependent on another person. This dependence will largely be due to increasing instances of dementia in varying forms. A recent article discusses several things a person can do to protect him or herself from the possibility that he or she will suffer[...]

Financial Issues and Aging Parents

While it may be difficult, it is important to have financial conversations with your elderly parents. These conversations are important because they will best prepare your family to cope when a parent loses the ability to handle his or her money and other affairs. A recent article discusses several issues you should be sure to[...]

The Importance of Documentation When Family Members Have Dementia

When people are young and healthy, they don’t often take the time to plan for their possible incapacity by executing legal documents including a power of attorney and living will. As a recent article explains, however, these documents should be completed sooner rather than later. These documents are especially important given the fact that a[...]