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Forbes Gets Nerdy with Numbers, Paints a Scary Picture for Long-Term Care

December 17, 2015 Victor Medina Long Term Care, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid Planning 0 Comments

Forbes says you’d have to a policy wonk or an outright nerd to care about statistical models for long-term care insurance. Well, we’re guilty as charged. But that’s okay — Forbes cops to its nerdy inclination too. Earlier this month, the magazine delved into the latest stats on long-term care in America. The numbers are […]

White House Wants to Reform Nursing Home Safety

July 30, 2015 Victor Medina Assisted Living, Medicaid Planning, Medicare, Nursing Home 0 Comments

Times are changing for nursing homes. View image | For the last several decades, American residents and their families have generally expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the state of nursing home care. After all, the homes are universally expensive (and growing costlier all the time), and the ballooning bills sting all the more when prices […]

Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts

March 16, 2015 Victor Medina Medicaid Planning 0 Comments

Often clients come into my office asking what is the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust. It seems simple – one is changeable and one is not, right? Well, not so fast.  Let’s start with the easy one — Revocable Trust. A revocable trust is precisely what it says it is – a trust […]

Paying for Alzheimer’s: Medicare, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care

February 26, 2015 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Elder Care, Long Term Care, Medicaid Planning, Medicare, Seniors 0 Comments

Few diagnoses are more devastating than Alzheimer’s, both in terms of its health toll and its extraordinary financial imposition on families. Paying for long-term care isn’t easy, especially if you or your parents haven’t already been saving for years. Even well in advance, finding the extra money to set aside for a long-term care fund […]

The Risks Of Giving Your Home To Your Children

April 24, 2014 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Estate Planning, Estate Tax, Family, Medicaid Planning, Reverse Mortgages 0 Comments

Some parents consider transferring ownership of their homes to their children. Why? Many believe that it is a classic win-win situation. They can continue to live in the house, while at the same time reduce the value of their estate for tax purposes and provide a valuable asset to their kids down the road. If […]

The gift that keeps on giving: paying your grandchildren’s college tuition

March 6, 2014 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Gifting, Medicaid Planning, Taxes 0 Comments

Paying your grandchildren’s (or adult children’s) college tuition is one of the greatest gifts you can make. The education lasts a lifetime and opens a world of opportunity for your grandchildren. In a way, it is like giving a gift to your children as well, since it alleviates their concerns about paying for their children’s […]

Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

February 13, 2014 Victor Medina ACA, Medicaid Planning 0 Comments

More New Jersey residents now qualify for Medicaid coverage, as a result of recent changes in federal funding brought on by the Affordable Care Act. A recent article estimates that the number of additional New Jersey residents who now qualify is around 300,000. The reason more New Jersey residents now qualify for Medicaid coverage is […]