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Make It Last – Ep 125 – Get To Know Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth Advisors

This week, Victor gets personal as he shares about his companies: Medina Law Group & Palante Wealth Advisors. Learn all about the office, the team members, and the process itself that gets you ready for retirement. Vicotr is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA®), as well as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ so his companies work[...]

Make It Last – Ep 119 – Legal Risks of Living Together Unmarried After 50, Self Directed Investments, & Pension Buy-Outs

A potpourri of topics this week. In this episode, Victor explains the legal risks of living together, unmarried, after age 50. Estate planning laws favor couples who are married so what does that mean for everyone else? Then, Victor discusses an article that talks about the difference between people who are self directed in their[...]

Judge Jennifer S. Callaghan Considering New Wills for Aretha Franklin Estate

The judge, Jennifer S. Callaghan, will consider the new wills for the Aretha Franklin Estate at a hearing scheduled for June 17. Click here to read more.  [...]

Why You Should Update Your Will

Here are some important reasons to update your will and overall estate plan. Click here to read more.  [...]

Tips for Choosing an Elderly Caregiver

Determining that your family member is in need of additional assistance in the form of a caregiver can be extremely overwhelming, particularly if you have the desire to assist your loved one but do not have the means or the time to dedicate to this effort. More than 41 million Americans have chronic health conditions[...]

Is Missouri Law a Model for Others?

Six months ago, Missouri passed a new law designed to protect seniors from financial exploitation. Now, experts in the state have begun to analyze the results and say that while it has not led to any arrests, it has had an impact. Financial Advisor Magazine quoted Jason Kander, Missouri’s Secretary of state, who said,  “Financial[...]

One Upside of Aging: No More Cancer Screenings!

Did you know that many elderly Americans might not need cancer screenings? As it turns out, that’s something many of them don’t know either. The Orlando Sentinel is calling seniors’ attention to that fact, offering it as a sort of silver lining for those who are concerned about the mounting health challenges of old age.[...]

Dementia Diagnosis Could Cost $730K in Nursing Care

While the families are happy to hear a longer prognosis, those extra years with their loved ones come at a profound financial cost, climbing toward a million dollars in some cases. This month, USA Today explains how a dementia diagnosis can easily add up to $730,000 for a typical family. Consider the following: The national[...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care isn’t anyone’s favorite subject. It is an easy can to kick down the road, but those who do end up kicking themselves in the long run. View image | In recognition of that fact, the Chicago Tribune recently sounded the alarm with a list of five things that everyone needs to know[...]

Achieving “Extreme Old Age” Is Easy, Say British Scientists

A new report out of Great Britain’s Newcastle University makes a fairly attention-grabbing claim. Thanks to modern medical science, they say, it is now easy to reach extreme old age, which they define as age 100 and beyond. View image | You only need two things: The right lifestyle The right parents The first[...]

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