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From Antipsychotics to iPods: The Changing Face of Dementia Treatment

January 28, 2016 Victor Medina Dementia, Long Term Care 0 Comments

Long-term care resident surveys show that some 70% of dementia patients living in nursing homes exhibit significant psychological or behavioral problems. For years, those symptoms were treated with difficult antipsychotic drug regiments. Today, in a more enlightened age, antipsychotics have fallen into disfavor as a first-line dementia treatment and are less commonly prescribed (though many […]

Forbes Gets Nerdy with Numbers, Paints a Scary Picture for Long-Term Care

December 17, 2015 Victor Medina Long Term Care, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid Planning 0 Comments

Forbes says you’d have to a policy wonk or an outright nerd to care about statistical models for long-term care insurance. Well, we’re guilty as charged. But that’s okay — Forbes cops to its nerdy inclination too. Earlier this month, the magazine delved into the latest stats on long-term care in America. The numbers are […]

Batman Artist Turns to Crowdfunding for Health Care Costs

April 2, 2015 Victor Medina Donations, Finances, Long Term Care, Long Term Care Insurance 0 Comments

Batman’s faced plenty of tough foes in the course of his career, but there’s one nemesis still awaiting Bruce Wayne a few years down the road: long-term care costs. Just ask Norm Breyfogle, a well-known comic book artist most famous for his work with “The Caped Crusader.” The New York Times recently recounted Breyfogle’s struggle […]