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Elder Law Is…About Having Options

April 16, 2014 Victor Medina Trust vs. Will 0 Comments

Elder Law is….About Having Options When people meet with me to discuss our elder law planning, they learn that my emphasis is on giving seniors options as they get older and their care needs increase – not necessarily qualifying for one benefit or another. Here is a fantastic article from the New York Times talking […]

Millenials And Their Milestones

June 19, 2013 Victor Medina Trust vs. Will 0 Comments

I am decidedly old school. I full well admit that some of the concepts on the new generation are lost on me. A few years ago, I attended a meeting for an organization dealing with human resources. They discussed how managing “millenial” and “Gen Y” employees was different from the past — how this younger […]

How to Survive Retirement

June 18, 2013 Victor Medina Trust vs. Will 0 Comments

The concept of retiring is a strange one. Many people work their entire lives and are ready to stop working. However, there’s always a question about: What happens next? Over the weekend, I read two articles on retirement that I thought were pretty interesting. The first one from USA Today dealt with keeping busy in […]