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Why It’s Important to Read the Fine Print – Always

My second job as an attorney was working for a large law firm doing "big deals". (My first job was as a judicial clerk for a federal district judge for one year.) I worked on bringing the Tempur-Pedic company public with an IPO (initial public offering). To be clear, my work was limited to proofreading[...]

Free Elder Law Advice: What’s The Motivation?

There's an old acting joke whereby actors look to directors to learn, "What's my motivation for this scene?" I often help clients understand, as they are bombarded with advice from people on the issue of VA benefits and Medicaid, what the motivation of the people giving advice is. There are two types of institutions who[...]

Has Estate Planning Become Obsolete With The New Estate Tax Law?

Last month, Congress passed a broad tax law that included estate tax provisions increasing exemption amounts to $5 million per person. The new law, now known by an acronym that, if I write it here, will have you fleeing to another site — it's that boring — also includes a provision that allows an individual[...]

Pay No Attention To The Estate Planner Behind The Curtain!

The Internet is such an interesting place. One of the most powerful things about it is that it's lowered the bar for people to self-publish. It used to be that you could trust something that was published, due in large part to the high barrier to entry to publishing and a tacit agreement among publishers[...]