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Avoid Catastrophes by Having a Will

Any estate planning meeting is valuable for determining your goals and future steps. However, having an estate planning attorney who is knowledgeable about the particular types of documents that you need can be extremely beneficial. Planning ahead for potential catastrophe is not always easy or fun, but it is extremely important. You can make things[...]

The Basics of Establishing a Will

Did you know that in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, one of the most understudied aspects had to do with a lack of appropriate estate planning? The median age of the individuals killed in the World Trade Center attacks was 39. This is an age group that is already less likely to have wills[...]

Putting Pen to Paper – Four Things to Keep in Mind as You Put Together a Will

A will is the most basic of estate planning documents, but it also plays a crucial role in assisting with passing on your property after you pass away and to ensure that those assets will be transferred according to your wishes.   There are four primary things you need to keep in mind as you[...]

How You Can Buck the Trend of Half of Americans Not Having a Will

People make plenty of excuses in order to put off planning for their own mortality. Perhaps you think that you don't have enough assets to warrant an estate plan or it's simply too uncomfortable to think about no longer being around. However, estate planning has many important components whether or not you are planning ahead[...]

Living Trust Versus a Will: Which One is Right for Me?

If you're just getting started with your New Jersey estate planning process, one of the most common questions you may encounter is whether or not you should have a living trust or a will. Both of these tools are very important for your estate planning portfolio. [caption id="attachment_5302" align="alignright" width="370"] Estate planning documents in a[...]

Man Launches Website to Store Estate Planning Documents

Even if you spend the time meeting with your estate planning attorney and follow up annually to make changes, it can be frustrating for your loved ones to have no idea where to look for your final wishes when you pass away. It can also be a mistake to include your burial instructions with your[...]

What Are the Advantages of Using a Revocable Living Trust as Opposed To a Will?

While you will certainly need a will as your basic estate planning tool, you may also choose to use a revocable trust. There are several different reasons why revocable trusts can be seen as advantageous when compared with wills. Flexibility A revocable trust that has been funded may allow you to list out of state[...]

What We Can Learn from the Estate Planning Mistakes of Four Celebrities

There are four primary estate planning mistakes that individuals all across the wealth spectrum are guilty of but there are important lessons that can be drawn from celebrities who have made these mistakes as well. [caption id="attachment_5241" align="alignright" width="511"] words last will and testament written on typewriter[/caption] Not Having a Will Singer, Amy Winehouse, passed[...]

Things to Keep in Mind When You Are Creating a Will in New Jersey

There are several important considerations that you should factor in to the process of putting together a will in New Jersey. Working with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney can help ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant state laws and regulations and that you have a document that is in line with your[...]

Top Tips for Giving or Receiving an Inheritance

Giving and receiving are hot topics during this time of year, and you’ve probably done your fair share of both this holiday season. Of course, the nice thing about gifts around a tree is that you have some sense of what to expect when the big day comes around. Unless your loved ones are especially[...]