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Make It Last – Ep 89 – How to Put Together a Retirement Portfolio that Matches Your Risk Tolerance

January 23, 2019 Victor Medina Uncategorized 0 Comments

There is no cookie cutter retirement portfolio. Some people are looking to travel in retirement while others are looking to save and leave money behind. Listen here as Victor explains how to put your retirement portfolio together, whatever your risk tolerance might be. Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medina, […]

Make It Last – Ep 86 – Sound Advice

January 2, 2019 Victor Medina Uncategorized 0 Comments

Victor Medina is excited to announce that Make It Last will now be released as hour long segments and air Wednesday mornings at 11am on WCTC 1450AM radio. The hour segment is part of a featured series on WCTC Radio – Sound Advice. The featured series is where professional experts offer their knowledge on topics from financial […]

Make It Last – Ep 84 – The Status of The NJ Fiduciary Rule for Financial Advisors & Interview with Hilary Murray of Brandywine Pennington

December 8, 2018 Victor Medina Uncategorized 0 Comments

In the first segment of the show Victor provides an update on the status of the NJ fiduciary rule for financial advisors.The rule is currently being discussed in informal conferences. In these conferences some financial advisors are claiming, should the rule be imposed, it will negatively influence how they are able to do their job, […]