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Lost in the Water

January 19, 2015 Victor Medina Family, Personal 0 Comments

Swim meets are best summed up as sitting on a hard concrete bench for 4.5 hours for a total of two-ish minutes of excitement watching your child. The only other time to reap any rewards as a parent at a swim meet is during “warmups” – which last a lot longer than any of the […]

My Post About Steve Jobs

August 29, 2011 Victor Medina Apple, Family, Personal, Tech 0 Comments

When I heard about Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple, I was in the middle of running rehearsal for the a cappella group of which I am the assistant musical director. I found out the news because my friend, Mark Merenda, had texted me with a simple, “Steve Jobs resigns as CEO”, and I […]

The "Torpedo" Hits New Jersey

August 1, 2010 Victor Medina Mac, Personal, Tech 0 Comments

I can’t remember a hotter summer in New Jersey than this Summer 2010. With temperatures regularly above 90 degrees, the Medina Clan has been working hard to find ways to stay cool. Thanks to my wife’s tireless research, we’ve been able to fill the boys’ days with fun, low-cost activities – like Vacation Bible School […]