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Five Fact Friday – October 7, 2022 This week on Five Fact Friday we'll be cooking up some delicious comfort food with the BEST way to cook salmon! We'll also be talking about the late Pat Bowlen's estate, and how despite planning, years of family battles followed. Five Fact Friday is every other week. Subscribe so you never miss one! Reading:[...]

Five Fact Friday – September 9, 2022 This week on Five Fact Friday, we'll be heading back to Top Gun as we watch a USA Today reporter take part in a training flight! Watch to find out if he makes it. Do you have enough life insurance to provide for your family if something were to happen to you? You'll be[...]

Five Fact Friday – August 26, 2022 Do you know what a durable power of attorney agreement is? Well you should! Watch to learn more about protecting nest egg from exploitation. Make the most of your empty home by turning it into the space you've always dreamed about. If you’re ready to reclaim your space, read to learn more! Five Fact[...]

Five Fact Friday – July 29, 2022  This week on Five Fact Friday, we'll be getting a blast from 80's past as we will be discussing Kate Bush’s 1985 Hit “Running Up That Hill.” We'll also be discussing the steps you need to take if you need to track down old retirement accounts you've forgotten about from past employers. Five Fact[...]

Five Fact Friday – July 1, 2022 This week on Five Fact Friday, we'll be discussing Apple and their newest iOS software! They're releasing a ton of new features, including being able to track your medication! We'll also be talking about the bond crash, and how it could actually wind up leaving your portfolio better off. Five Fact Friday is every[...]

Five Fact Friday – May 20, 2022 This week on Five Fact Friday, we'll be doing some spring cleaning with an awesome estate planning checklist to help you review your estate planning documents and make sure everything is up-to-date! We’ll also be talking about a new anti-procrastination café in Japan dedicated to helping writers complete their manuscripts. Five Fact Friday is[...]

Five Fact Friday – April 8, 2022 This week on Five Fact Friday, we'll be deep diving into all of the great moments you missed at the Grammy's, including a bonus link about Jon Batiste! Uh oh! The House of Representatives passed the SECURE Act 2.0... which could have a negative impact on your taxes in retirement. We'll also talk about a[...]

Five Fact Friday – March 25, 2022 Recently, our very own Associate Attorney, Darsh Patel, took a volunteerism trip to the Poland-Ukraine border to provide aid to refugees in the geopolitical crisis. Watch to see footage from his travels!  Are you enjoying the sunshine post turning your clocks forward? Well, you might be able to enjoy that PERMANENTLY. What are we[...]

Five Fact Friday – January 14, 2022 This week we've got a double whammy for you all! Tech? Legal? BOTH?! We'll be talking about how to pass on your data to loved ones with the new iPhone digital legacy feature. We'll also be paying tribute to a true legend, Betty White! Her top 20 best moments are linked below! Five Fact[...]

Bloopers from 2021! Sometimes it’s hard to get these videos in one take... Check out some of my funny outtakes from this year!   Five Fact Friday is every other week. Subscribe so you never miss one![...]

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