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White House Wants to Reform Nursing Home Safety

July 30, 2015 Victor Medina Assisted Living, Medicaid Planning, Medicare, Nursing Home 0 Comments

Times are changing for nursing homes. View image | For the last several decades, American residents and their families have generally expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the state of nursing home care. After all, the homes are universally expensive (and growing costlier all the time), and the ballooning bills sting all the more when prices […]

Snow Means Special Challenges for Seniors, Nursing Homes in NJ

December 18, 2014 Victor Medina Assisted Living, Elder Care, Family, Nursing Home, Seniors 0 Comments

The year’s first snowfall is always an exciting thing, but a little goes a long way. Here in New Jersey, of course, we get more than just a little. For our state’s senior population, substantial snowfall can be a serious concern, and not just because of the cold weather. When blizzards become emergencies, issues […]

Nursing Home Life: More ‘Mean Girls’ Than “Golden Girls”?

November 27, 2014 Victor Medina Assisted Living, Elder Care, Family, Nursing Home, Seniors 0 Comments

“You can’t sit with us.” The classic line from 2004’s Mean Girls movie perfectly embodied just how cliquey and cruel high school life can be in the modern age. The film’s characters carped at each other over everything from boyfriends and girlfriends to fashion and cafeteria seating choices. But is nursing home life much […]

Are You Aware of the VA Nursing Home Program?

February 27, 2014 Victor Medina Assisted Living, Nursing Home, VA Benefits 0 Comments

Many New Jersey veterans are approaching the age where their health care needs require being admitted to a nursing home. The uncertainty of changing one’s living arrangement is often compounded by the fact that the costs of nursing home care can be, at times, staggering. Fortunately, the Veteran’s Administration provides long-term nursing home care in […]