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What to Do When You Want to Leave Behind Different Amounts for Your Children When You Pass Away?

May 18, 2017 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Estate Planning, Inheritance 0 Comments

The most common estate plan today will leave assets equally to all of your children. In some situations, however, equal distribution is not desired nor does it make sense for your family members. Parents frequently have logical reasons for leaving behind differently-valued inheritances for their children. For example, a younger child may still have a […]

What to Consider When Passing Assets on to Your Family Members – Part I

September 8, 2016 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Asset Protection, Assets 0 Comments

There are many different considerations when thinking about leaving behind your assets to your loved ones. Read on to learn more about the first of the four major reasons you should consider in this four-part blog post series.  Most people do not realize just how many belongings and assets they have until they sit down […]

The Risks Of Giving Your Home To Your Children

April 24, 2014 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Estate Planning, Estate Tax, Family, Medicaid Planning, Reverse Mortgages 0 Comments

Some parents consider transferring ownership of their homes to their children. Why? Many believe that it is a classic win-win situation. They can continue to live in the house, while at the same time reduce the value of their estate for tax purposes and provide a valuable asset to their kids down the road. If […]

When Was The Last Time You Reviewed Your Beneficiary Designations?

April 10, 2014 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Beneficiary Designation, Estate Planning 0 Comments

Maybe it’s the IRA you have meticulously made contributions to for the last twenty years. Or the retirement plan you established with your employer the very day you began work at the company. Or that insurance policy you bought many years ago. You created them not only to protect your financial future, but also the […]

The Importance Of Funding Your Revocable Living Trust

March 27, 2014 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Estate Planning, Probate, Trusts, Wills 0 Comments

Revocable living trusts are one of the most powerful tools in the estate planner’s toolbox and offer a number of advantages over wills. These include avoiding probate, reducing delays in the distribution of assets, greater control over your assets while you are alive and in the event of incapacity, greater privacy, and more. Unfortunately, many […]

If You Don’t Plan Ahead, New Jersey Has An Estate Plan For You, And You’re Not Going To Like It

March 20, 2014 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Beneficiary Designation, Estate Planning, Inheritance, Trusts, Wills 0 Comments

In New Jersey, if a person passes away without a will or trust, his or her estate assets are distributed according to what is known as intestate succession. It’s an estate plan of sorts, and for most people, not a very good one. Certain assets are not subject to New Jersey’s intestate succession laws. These […]