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Estate Planning in a Google Search Story

April 12, 2010 Victor Medina Living Trust, YourLawyers4Life 0 Comments

Just like the famous Google Ad about finding love in Paris, we’ve created our own Estate Planning Google Search Story. It’s all about why searches on estate planning keep bringing up “” as the top result and finally asks the question, “Who is” The answer, of course, is: Medina Law Group, YourLawyers4Life. Here is […]

Balloon Boy Fallout – Should Heenes Lose Custody of Children if Guilty of Hoax?

October 22, 2009 Victor Medina Family, Guardianship, YourLawyers4Life 0 Comments

Amber Watson-Tardiff, who posts a regular column on about Parenting Advice for New Jersey parents asked me to comment for an article she was writing about the fallout from Balloon Boy, including anticipating court intervention with the parents. You can read the whole article here – and I’ve pasted most of the column below […]

Wall Street Journal Agrees With Me – Passing On Online Information Should Be Part of Your Estate Plan

July 21, 2009 Victor Medina Do-It-Yourself Legal Planning, Membership Program, YourLawyers4Life 0 Comments

Recently, I posted about the need to pass on your “on line” information as part of a comprehensive estate plan. My article examined the various companies that offered to guard that information for you. It seems like the Wall Street Journal reads my blog because they just published an article of their own on Sunday […]