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Ep 219: People That Cry Wolf in the Financial World

On this episode: There are plenty of people in the financial world that are guilty of crying wolf. No matter what is happening, they always preach the same message, which means we have to learn to tune them out. That’s not always easy, however, and people will often make bad financial decisions because they’ve been[...]

Ep 218: Dissecting Financial Lies You Might Hear

On this episode: There are some financial advisors who are just flat-out liars, but that’s actually pretty rare. More often, advisors are guilty of making statements that they’ve been conditioned to say over the years, even if those statements aren’t exactly brimming with truth. Today we’re going to take a little time to talk about[...]

Ep 216: Cleaning Out Your Financial Closet

On this episode: For some people, now is the time for spring cleaning, which often means diving into a cluttered closet and getting it cleaned out and organized. When you think about your finances, that can often be very similar to that closet that you stuff anything and everything into. In this episode, let’s see[...]

Ep 215: Traditional vs Roth – What You Need to Know

On this episode: Many Americans will use the IRA to save for retirement and build a nest egg that will help fund the next chapter of life. When it comes time to contribute money, should those funds go into a traditional IRA or a Roth? It seems that most people don’t have a clear picture[...]

Ep 214: Why the Customer Isn’t Always Right in Financial Planning

On this episode: In nearly all of the retail, restaurant and hospitality world, the old saying is that “the customer is always right.”  But when it comes to financial planning, it’s probably not wise to subscribe to that idea. What’s the point of having a financial coach if your advice is better than your coach’s[...]

Ep 213: What’s the Difference?

On this episode: Financial planning can be pretty complicated. From strategies to investments to planning items, there’s a lot to learn and some of these things seem awfully similar. In this episode of Retirease Radio, we’re going to play a little game of ‘What’s the Difference’ and highlight some of the terms that a lot[...]

Make It Last – Ep 204 – What Tools Do You Need?

Listen Here! Most Americans are getting failing grades in retirement financial literacy. Victor and Mark share the top topics people are struggling with so you can understand! They’ll also discuss all of the tools you need that will get you through retirement. These tools will help you live the retirement of your dreams! Finally, they’ll[...]

Make It Last – Ep 193 – The Art of Decluttering

Listen here! This week on Make It Last, we’ll be talking about growth & safety.  The first half of 2022 led us into uncharted territory as inflation skyrocketed. Victor shares his thoughts on how he thinks the rest of the year will play out. Do you know how to down size? Victor & Mark will[...]

Make It Last – Ep 188 – The Secret to Financial Success

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last, the show starts with a little, “Get To Know Victor,” segment. Find out how he is connected to the hit trilogy: Pitch Perfect. They’ll also be talking about one of the greatest secrets you could learn to achieve financial success. Finally, the show will wrap up with a game[...]

Make It Last – Ep 181 – Living With A Bear

Listen Here! This week on Make It Last Victor gives you his top reasons why not to panic during a Bear Market. We'll also be discussing the top concerns our clients have. Including, but not limited too, market risk, inflation risk, and tax risk. How do these affect your retirement? Victor will wrap the show up with[...]

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