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Sweet Tooth Linked to Alzheimer’s, Dementia

May 28, 2015 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Dementia, Elder Care, Elder Law 0 Comments

A growing body of scientific evidence is illuminating ways in which we might all be able to prevent Alzheimer’s — even if we’re predisposed toward dementia. Until now, most of those efforts have focused on physical activity and mental strengthening. Now there’s a whole new frontier in the battle against Alzheimer’s, but this particular vice might […]

Julianne Moore’s Oscar Sustains Awareness for Dementia Care

April 23, 2015 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Caregivers, Dementia, Family 0 Comments

Alzheimer’s disease is an unlikely topic for Oscar buzz, but it nevertheless dominated red-carpet chatter this year, as Julianne Moore was an early favorite to win the Best Actress award for Still Alice. Alice is a devastatingly affecting film about a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Moore was universally praised for her unshakeable performance […]

Paying for Alzheimer’s: Medicare, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care

February 26, 2015 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Elder Care, Long Term Care, Medicaid Planning, Medicare, Seniors 0 Comments

Few diagnoses are more devastating than Alzheimer’s, both in terms of its health toll and its extraordinary financial imposition on families. Paying for long-term care isn’t easy, especially if you or your parents haven’t already been saving for years. Even well in advance, finding the extra money to set aside for a long-term care fund […]

Caregivers of the Future

August 12, 2014 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Dementia 0 Comments

When A.I. was released, the movie was met with generally favorable reviews. I liked it, but the movie seemed to be two different films in one. The middle part was an adventure story about a robot seeking to be a human and all the struggles that a future Pinocchio might face. The beginning and the end […]

Who Cares for the Caregiver?

February 18, 2014 Victor Medina Alzheimer's, Dementia 0 Comments

I have many meetings with families that are caring for a family member with some form of dementia. While I normally collect this information ahead of time, I can spot those families without any warning from the moment I walk into the room. These are the families that look completely exhausted. That probably sounds a […]