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Thinking About Becoming a Snowbird? Do Your Research First

A new study from Maryland shows that the majority of people who achieve age 61 are free to choose where they want to live. This is not that surprising for many retirees, who want to consider moving at least on a part time basis to a more ideal locale. In fact, up to one third[...]

How to Broach the Subject of Estate Planning with Your Parents

It can be exceptionally difficult to think about your mortality but confronting the complicated issues surrounding planning a loved one's estate is even more difficult when it is your parents. Talking about estate planning can feel uncomfortable and difficult. The feeling that this subject is extremely awkward makes it all the easier to avoid it.[...]

Avoid Catastrophes by Having a Will

Any estate planning meeting is valuable for determining your goals and future steps. However, having an estate planning attorney who is knowledgeable about the particular types of documents that you need can be extremely beneficial. Planning ahead for potential catastrophe is not always easy or fun, but it is extremely important. You can make things[...]

New Study Shows That the Oldest People Are Also the Wealthiest

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index shows that 6 out of the 25 richest Americans are over the age of 80. The Internal Revenues Service shares data that indicates just how old the top billionaires and millionaires throughout the United States are. Individuals over the age of 80 are a small portion of the population, representing 3.7%[...]

Why People Tend to Procrastinate About Estate Planning

Too many people haven’t participated at all in any estate planning. Although they'll admit easily that it's something that they need to do, it keeps getting put off. Some of the most common reasons why people procrastinate about estate planning include: They are under the perception that they do not own enough and that estate[...]

Tips for Women to Save for Long-Term Care

Women live longer than men and for this reason face much greater challenges with regards to funding their healthcare needs after retirement. According to a study recently completed by HealthView Services, a 65 year old male who retires in 2017 will spend approximately $200,000 in retirement on healthcare alone. However the cost for a female[...]

Top Things an Estate Plan Can Do for Your Children

Putting together an estate plan is important not only for your peace of mind but also for establishing a clear structure in the future for your children. As your children or grandchildren are playing with you and enjoying the lazy days of summer, it's still a good idea to think about your estate plan and[...]

Am I Responsible for My Deceased Family Member’s Debts?

When someone passes away suddenly, a lot of questions are raised. This is even more true when the person didn’t take any precautionary steps in terms of estate planning. Once the estate goes through the probate process, family members may be curious about the impact of debts. One of the biggest myths in the world[...]

What You Should Know About the Life Cycle of Your Retirement Planning

As with your general life cycle, there are various stages to your financial and retirement planning that occur based on the decade of your current age. As your life trajectory changes, so too will the goals you will have as well as the focus you should have. During your 20s for example, you will likely[...]

Five Consequences of Avoiding the Estate Planning Process

You might be under the impression that smaller estates or a lack of obvious heirs makes it easy to skip the estate planning process. That’s a bad idea, since you need to think ahead about what will happen to your assets regardless of their total value. Anyone who has assets of any amount can still[...]