Farewell, Mark

March 13, 2017 Victor Medina Uncategorized 8 Comments

It started as a ruse. I was a young lawyer, with a young practice (read: poor), and I had no money to hire him and his company to help me market my law firm. I did, however, have enough money to buy a couple of drinks. I decided that I would invite him to speak […]

Major Wealth Transition Expected to Occur in Next Few Decades

March 2, 2017 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Estate Tax, Living Trust, Trusts 0 Comments

An inter-generational transfer of wealth can be extremely complicated and it can be risky for everyone involved. Without proper planning, passing on a large amount of wealth could generate tax and other financial consequences for those receiving the benefits and those passing them on. It is expected that in the next forty years, nearly $32 […]