You Might Be Three Times Older Than You Think

“Age is just a number,” they say. And, sure, that’s a useful phrase for dulling the passage of time. But is it true? View image | As a matter of fact, yes it is! There’s even science to prove it! But the catch is that not everyone looks and feels younger than they really… Read More »

Women Face Unique Financial Challenges In Old Age

People talk a lot about the gender gap these days. Disparities in earnings between men and women have driven substantial political chatter and partisan debates in recent years, and the topic only seems to gain traction as we head into a new political season. View image | One context in which people rarely discuss… Read More »

May is National Elder Law Month

As The Byrds once sang, “To every thing, there is a season.” Even to elder law! For the last few years, the month of May has officially served as National Elder Law Month, a chance for elder law attorneys all around the country to raise awareness about what we do, why it matters, and how… Read More »

How Many Americans Have an Estate Plan?

We all know we need one, but how many of us follow through? Not enough, that’s for sure. Estate planning is one of procrastination’s favorite victims. Americans continue to neglect their end-of-life preparations, despite growing awareness of how unwise that can be. Sickness and death aren’t the most pleasant topics under the sun, after all…. Read More »