New Results from the Aging in America Study Discuss Estate and Retirement Planning

June 15, 2017 Victor Medina Estate Planning, Retirement 0 Comments

Felician University in New Jersey recently revealed the results of their Aging in America study conducted with college age students. They found that college students anticipated living in their own home independently and being relatively active beyond the age of 85 but more than 70% of these survey respondents had not begun planning for their […]

What to Do When You Want to Leave Behind Different Amounts for Your Children When You Pass Away?

May 18, 2017 Victor Medina Asset Distribution, Estate Planning, Inheritance 0 Comments

The most common estate plan today will leave assets equally to all of your children. In some situations, however, equal distribution is not desired nor does it make sense for your family members. Parents frequently have logical reasons for leaving behind differently-valued inheritances for their children. For example, a younger child may still have a […]